McCain on Veterans

I have pretty much always considered McCain to be all bark and no bite when it came to this subject, but after reading a brilliantly researched blog by Hilzoy, I was knew that my suspicious ons were well founded. Frankly, I have for years expected better out of McCain in regards to the war in Iraq. As a veteran of the Vietnam war I expected him to think more clearly, and be a more vocal opposition to the war in Iraq than he has been. He has been as much of a warmonger as the rest of this abysmal administration, and that is truly sad, because he SHOULD know better. I think deep down maybe he does, but he is consumed with attaining the Presidency. Whatever maverick, straight-talk reputation he has had over the years he has slowly be shelving in favor of a more neo-con approach so that he looks more favorable to the party.

However, I don’t think McCain has ever been a veteran in the sense that many of us are. Yeh sure I know he was a POW, and all that, but if we can move past that lets look at the rest of his life. He was the son of a famous and decorated WWII Admiral–which means he received preferential treatment. He has never been poor or had to struggle. He didn’t have to depend on the GI BILL to go to school or VA hospitals to get treatment. His family has money, and his wife’s family has even more. He has, in essence, lived the life of a privileged–some may say spoiled–American, white man. So I don’t think that he has any idea about how hard it is to deal with the VA, how crappy many of the VA facilities are, and how tough it is to go to school on the GI BILL. If he did he wouldn’t have an abysmal track record. That’s why McCain has voted against Senate Bill S22–while Clinton and Obama the non-veterans have–often citing that it is too expensive, and that it will cause too many military personnel to leave the military to go to school. That may be true, but an argument I haven’t heard yet is that if the benefits are that good won’t it entice more people to join, thus evening out the numbers?

Who knows if that will be the case or not, but I find it hard to believe that we can give too much to veterans. It’s not like we are handing out Lambo’s and million dollar checks when then process out. Look at it this way McCain says this bill is too expensive. The bill will cost the American taxpayers $3 billon a year. Wow that is a lot of money, or is it. Consider, that that is just more that the cost of the Iraq war for 1 week. This just further validates Obama’s argument that we are spending way too much money in Iraq, and that money could be put to better uses here in the United States. Like making sure the injured veterans are taken care of, that they have adequate finances to go to school, and that the VA hospital facilites are maintained properly. Not to mention the money could be used on infrastructure, schools, police etc. Anyways the point is don’t believe McCain’s bark about he’s a veteran, and only he can take care of the troops and be Commander-in-Chief. Look at his record which Hilzoy diligently researched. Also check out Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Update 4:10

I forgot to post the official GI BILL website.  Go here for more information on the new GI BILL that is being proposed.  You can also check to see if your representatives are for it, against it, or pulling a McCain and not voting on it.  If you have extra time why not write your representatives and thank them for supporting the bill or if the don’t support it write them and let them know that they should.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on June 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “McCain on Veterans”

  1. It’s really wierd. I use to actually like McCain. He was a republican that I could stand for during the late 90s. Now that he’s got a clear shot to run for president he’s become part of the problem. He’s using the fear tactic that Bush used 4 years ago try and get the seat. Strange times are here. Whoever is are next president is gotta lot of shit to clean up.

  2. Yeh dude that is the problem, I used to like McCain a shit ton, but he has turned into the very thing he used to oppose. Now I fret and worry at night that he will win, because I believe he will continue with this war. He will be the very thing that we, as a country don’t need, maybe he will prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

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