Obama is a muslim who will destroy America

Catchy isn’t it.  It’s provocative too, however, it’s false.  If anyone was half a brain or has been paying nominal attention to this long and dragged out primary season then you should know this.  Yet you still hear people who use this misnomer as a reason not to vote for him.  I’m sure some of you have seen those emails that insist that he is a radical Muslim.  One of my problems with this is that people will believe some silly email that has been mass forwarded to them before they are willing to believe what they have seen themselves.  We have had to deal with this whole Rev. Wright fiasco for months now.  Obama, his pastor, and his church–all Christian–have been plaster all over the papers, the news, and the air waves; yet people still don’t want to believe that he is, indeed, a Christian. Which brings me to my next point, who cares what religion he is.  A supposed Christian used Christianity to get our country in the mess it is now.  He also betrayed his core constituancy–Christians.  Some people probably believe that there is some evidence out there that will prove that Obama is a Muslim, and when found–or made public–it will destroy him.  I have to tell you folks, if that imaginary piece of evidence did exist I guarantee you that Hillary Clinton would have already found it and used it. Don’t believe me.  Maybe you forgot about this picture that was leaked from the Clinton campaign to the Drudge Report.  She used just about anything she could to beat him, and wasn’t able to.  Ok, ok so what’s the point already?

The point is that you people who think that he is a closet Muslim piss me the fuck off.  If you are going to choose to not vote for someone then exercise a little bit of common sense and discretion in you decision.  Do some research on what is important like the issues.  Where does Obama stand on the issues that you care about.  Consequently, where does McCain on the issues that you care about.  Make a decision based on as much fact as you can find.  Don’t believe some stupid, spurious email.  Also look at the records of the candidates and look at their character.  Now Obama’s record is shorter than McCain’s–which is good and bad.  Good because he has less mistakes in his past and bad because there is just not enough info in certain areas to really know where he stands.  As I noted the other day, however, McCain’s record on Veterans is not as strong as he claims.  His stance on the war and on veterans is supposed to be his strong point, but if you look at his record you will see there are discrepancies with what he says and how he votes.  There is another way to gauge a candidate too by watching how they act when there encounter trouble.  If you have been even paying a little attention over this primary season though you should have been able to see each candidate react under pressure.  McCain gets all grumbly and angry like, well a grumpy old man.  I have to say though I was thoroughly impressed with the way Obama took on all his problems.  He confronted his problems  head-on and told the truth.  I think after 8 years of lies, betrayal, and underhanded politics I’ll stick with the guy that may make rookie mistakes, but has the wherewithal to be honest about his shortcomings.  Don’t forget how lucky we are where we get to live in an age where the right to vote is a guarantee.  For the majority of human history we have had some King, Queen, Church, or whoever order around and subjugate the masses.  Now the right to vote is guaranteed to all.  So don’t treat it so casually.  You should vote every chance you get and make sure your vote counts by not voting on emotion, but on facts.  Finally, this can’t be linked to or said enough.  He’s not a muslim. So let me know what you think.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on June 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “Obama is a muslim who will destroy America”

  1. Really?
    Tell the voters in Ohio that their votes counted in 2004, when Diebold machines screwed things up across the state. Tell that to the voters in Florida whose votes were overturned by the Supreme Court in 2000.
    You honestly think America is a democracy and that the will of the people matters? Did you pass the Second Grade? Are you unfamiliar with the Willie Horton ad against Dukakis in 1988? Does the scam of the Whitewater investigation ring a bell?
    Of course Barack is not a Muslim. Of course Barack is right on the issues. Of course Barack would be a much better President than McCain. Of course I support him.
    But if you really think this nonsense isn’t going to sway a hell of a lot of voters, I think you need to seek professional help. Immediately.

  2. Well first off thanks for insulting my intelligence. I never said that it wasn’t going to sway voters. I did say that people who voted like that piss me the fuck off. Then I encouraged people to vote on fact not on emotion, and to research the candidates. I know what happened in 2000 and 2004. That’s not the first time that that has happened in American politics though. It has happened before and something like that will probably happen again, but we as a country will recover from it and continue on. America is still a democracy. The problem is that we the people, of late, have forgotten how much power we wield. Next time pick apart my argument if you want, and don’t just resort to ad hominem attacks.

  3. You’re just not going to admit that you’re absolutely wrong, are you?
    Look, I’m sorry if I got a little personal.
    Point is, we have exceedingly LITTLE power, and if you understood history, recent or not, you’d know that.

  4. Great points made, and an even better response to Mr. Typical Cynic there.

  5. I not going to admit I’m wrong, because I don’t know what I’m wrong about. I know people are going to be swayed by sensational accusations. All I’m trying to do is encourage all 3 people who read this to try to look at the candidates objectively, and to vote based on facts not emotions. If I’m wrong to do that then ok I admit I’m wrong. Now I also understand history very well since it happens to be my career of choice. I do know that we the people do have more power than we think we do. We think we need the politicians when the opposite is true. They need us. The sooner we start holding them accountable for the actions the better for everyone. Now maybe you think I’m wrong about the history of Presidential politics. I’m not though. A simple google search and you will find that there have been two instances where an election has ended eerily similar to the 2000 election. The most recent instance was the election of Rutherford B. Hayes. Look into it and you might learn something. Things like this happen when fallible human beings are in charge, but that doesn’t mean you throw everything in the shit can and quit–except in the instance of Florida, I seriously don’t know what their problem is. Now one final point if you don’t think that we people have any power than you are part of the problem. It is that attitude of “whatever there’s nothing I can do about it” that has thoroughly inundated our society. It is an attitude that is completely wrong and needs to be corrected before America can get going in the right direction again. Comment back if you disagree. Just be more specific about what I should admit I was wrong about.

    Oh btw thanks jasonwrites.

  6. Sorry I am late on this topic, as it is an important one to me. You post too fast, it’s hard to keep up. Anyway, thought you might enjoy this!

  7. turns out the supreme court was right.The vote in florida was recounted and recounted..One by the Miami newspaper and George Bush was still the winner.Al Gore tried to steal the election buy trying recount only democrat counties…Please..The are facts that are not in dispute.You libs cry about Ohio..Kerry lost..Always with the conspircy..What a joke..check your facts.

  8. What the hell are you talking about. Where is this story did I bring up Florida or Ohio. All I said was to vote on the issues, and not on fear and hate. Read the article before you start making accusations. One last thing I’m not a liberal, I just won’t vote for warmongers.

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