Insomnia and Veterans.

A new study shows that veterans suffer from chronic insomnia.  It’s nice to see this issue getting some interest.  Insomnia is brutal and it seems that no one really has any definitive answers or solutions.

Insomnia among U.S. combat veterans returning from Iraq is as severe as that seen in patients with chronic insomnia, according to University of Pittsburgh researchers.

They compared 14 vets with post-deployment adjustment disorders to 14 insomnia patients and 14 good sleepers, and found that the vets displayed significantly more severe disruptive nocturnal behaviors, such as nightmares and body movements, than people in the other two groups.

Insomnia complaints among the vets were as severe as complaints among insomnia patients, and the vets had significantly worse sleep quality than good sleepers.

While the Iraq war continues to wage, and most people try to place it out of their minds, there is a significant portion of this generation that is still suffering from the effects that this war has wrought.  They are not counted as part of the casualty totals, however, and yet they are the casualties just the same.  Insomnia is just scratching the surface of the problems that exist.


~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on June 11, 2008.

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