Have you seen Elvis lately?

I finally got around to seeing Michel Gondry’s latest movie Be Kind Rewind. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, since the trailer didn’t really get me excited, and I haven’t really liked anything that Mos Def has been in.  I don’t know why but he usually annoys me–he has a really annoying voice.  Michel Gondry, on the other hand, is a genius, so I figured I’d take a chance.  Personally, I found the movie to be hilarious.  Mos Def and Jack Black worked well together, and all the sweded movies were great.  Some of the highlights of the movie were Danny Glover’s line about his balls, Glover sweding one of his own films, and all the in camera, cheap effects.  I spent a good deal of the movie either laughing or being impressed at how they pulled off some of these scenes.  So if you haven’t seen it you should go check it out.  However, I wish they would have spent more time showing the sweded videos–I hope they fill the DVD version with all the missing scenes–and the end was a little emo, but regardless, it was an immensely enjoyable movie.  It also made me wish I had a camera so that I could swede some movies.  I think I’d start with Nacho Libre.  Check out the official movie website.  It’s pretty cool how they swede the internet.  There is a cornucopia sweded videos on YouTube, so I picked a few of the better ones.  Enjoy.



Back To The Future

Jurassic Park

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Have you seen Elvis lately?”

  1. when the movie came out I looked up their website and went on a swede binge. Jurassic Park is a classic- check out the site:


  2. the las two are funny

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