What a Dick

I really, really hate Dick Cheney, and have always found him to be particularly evil.  I found this story on The Onion, which sums up what most of us feel about Cheney–that he is not human at all:

WASHINGTON, DC—At a special Earth Day event Sunday, Vice President Dick Cheney inhaled his first-ever breath of oxygen. “I am…proud to stand before you today and…breathe in the same gas used by…millions of Americans,” said a wheezing and gasping Cheney, whose body is accustomed to compounds of chlorine and sulfur dioxide. “One breath, however, is enough for me. I’m glad the stuff will be out of the atmosphere forever in a few decades.” Cheney then left the press conference to attend a cardiac health awareness dinner, where he feasted on human hearts.

I can’t tell you how happy I am going to be in six months when, hopefully, I won’t have to see Cheney’s or Bush’s mug on TV anymore.  Speaking of which, why the fuck is Oliver Stone making a movie on Bush?, haven’t we all had enough of that for the last eight years.  Who wants to shell out $11.00 to be reminded of their complete incompetence.  Oliver Stone needs to get with it, because he hasn’t made a good movie in a long time.

Update 7:28

Right on cue, The Onion, releases a new video on the Bush Administration, that although it is hilarious, the fact that is true is particularly sad.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on July 2, 2008.

9 Responses to “What a Dick”

  1. Playing Laura Bush…. Elizabeth Banks. Great Actress, but if shes playing Laura Bush I want Sean Connery as W.

  2. It’s too bad Connery is retired, but even so I think he too good for a role like that, not to mention a little old.

  3. Maybe Larry the Cable Guy should play Bush… They should use Lil Cheney to play the real Cheney in the movie.

  4. the movie is going to be lame….. cheney is the devil and george bush is his pawn!

  5. I’m not sure if anything can be lamer and more worthless than Alexander. If there is a movie it will definitely be this one. So congrats Oliver Stone for making two of the most horrible movies in my lifetime.

  6. you cry about the past 7.5 years of incompetence, but welcome 4 years of complete failure with obama, who has practically no experience, and is the MOST BIASED member of congress. Your blog, a few posts notwithstanding, is just one contradiction following another. But please, keep writing, i get a kick out of reading your witless and skewed analysis of politics and blind praise for the messianic barry hussein obama.

  7. Well for one experience isn’t everything, Woodrow Wilson didn’t have any experience and he did pretty well. I also don’t think Obama is a messiah just the better choice for president; even though I don’t agree with a lot of his beliefs I do agree with his stance on Iraq. Keep up with the typical neo-conservative scare politics though. Wooooo his name is Hussein he must really be muslim and all muslims are eeeeviiiiiil. BTW I’m not witless just wit-impaired.

  8. scare tactics? give me a break, it’s his real name. since when is it improper to use someones name. And hey, if it does instill fear, then that is something unavoidable in human nature, let’s not sugar coat it. And why even bring it up this whole “scare tactic” agenda? Your arguments are extremely fallacious, as are most left-wingers’, and still your side cannot answer the questions of his lack of political and leadership experience, his lack of knowledge on economics, his poor foreign relations tactics, his ultra-biased voting record (most liberal politician in congress; voted to the left of EVERYONE in the senate), and his complete and blindly-passionate drive towards more government control, ‘proletariat’ dependency, thus resulting ultimately in neo-socialism. Meanwhile, this is all done under the guise of ‘democracy’ because people want ‘change.’

    Trust me, McCain sucks, but he’s no right winger, and usually left of center. Obama, he’s completely to the left. Fuck socialism.

  9. I know it’s his real name, but to use his name to try to scare up votes is lame, and it preys on peoples stereotypes. Also I’m not a left-winger I’m a conservative, but I refuse to vote for someone who will continue to beat the war drum. If you don’t like that then fuck off. The Iraq War needs to end, and as someone who has served there and lost friends there I will be voting to end this war.

    Now you say that Obama doesn’t understand economics, and I think you’re wrong about that. He has a much better grasp on it than McCain–who has admitted that he knows little to nothing about economics. Like I said before experience isn’t everything, there have been good presidents who have had little or no experience. The question is whether he can lead. Looking at how he has run his campaign the answer seems to be yes. I believe that he will be an effective leader, and will be more conciliatory than Bush has been, or than McCain will be.

    With that being said I don’t like all his positions, and some I find to be too close to socialism. But that is where Congress comes in. The Republicans will still be strong enough to block the more extreme bills, and move them towards the center. Maybe I just have too much faith in Congress though.

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