Here we go again

Here it is another weekend, and another big series for the Mets.  So far the first half has been to put it mildly disappointing, however, the Mets are only 4.5 games back of the Phils with a big 4 game series this weekend.  It would be nice for the Mets to take 3 games in this series, that would put them in a good position going into the last series before the All-Star break.  It would also diminish the first half disappointment.  Tonight the, so far underwhelming Santana goes against Happ.  This IS a must win game for the Mets, Santana has to be the ace he was billed as during the off-season.  He has to come up big, and the Mets offense has to keep rolling.  The next three games in the series feature Maine vs Moyer, Perez vs Kendrick, and Martinez vs. Eaton.  The Mets have the advantage on pitching in this series–since they miss out on Hamels–but everyone has to pitch to their capabilities.  If they do, and the Mets offense keeps going there is no question that there is the potential for a sweep.  Do I believe that is going to happen? no, however, Santana and Maine should win their starts.  Pedro and Perez are the wildcards.  Which Oliver Perez will show up?  The pitcher who will shut down any line-up for 7 innings or the pitcher who will walk 7 in 3 innings.  Also, Pedro hasn’t pitched like Pedro, and you wonder if he will be able to get it going.  This is the type of game Pedro lives for though.  A big game for him to take the spotlight and pitch like he can.  The key to the series will be the type of start those two have.  As always I have a case of Coors Light, and I will be updating as the game and my drunkenness progress.

One side note, however, is that all the MLB teams today are wearing stars and stripes hats in support of the charity started by Fred Wilpon, which I talked about here, called Welcome Back Veterans. Their goal is to raise $100 million to help returning veterans.  I will once again say that I hope that this exposure through MLB will help bring to light many issues that need to be addressed concerning veterans.

Update 7:35

Through the first two innings and it’s still 0-0.  Both starters didn’t look good in the first inning, but came back strong in the second.  Also the Mets failed to capitalize on a scoring opportunity with Reyes on 3rd with 1 out.  This could be a long day.  Hopefully the game doesn’t get delayed because of rain.  I would like to see Santana go at least 7 innings, but if he has to leave early–because of rain–then the tables shift in favor of the Phillies.

Update 8:19

David Wright just had the fucking at-bat.  Right now it is 2-0 Mets in the top of the 5th.  The Mets had the bases loaded with no-outs, and Santana gave away his at-bat trying to hit a granny.  He should have just taken the walk, but instead made an unnecessary out.  Reyes then beat out a potential inning ending double play ball to bring in the first run, which brings us to D-Dubs phenomenal at-bat.  Down 0-2 he battled back to take a walk and force in another run, and boot Happ from the game.  What an inning.  I just hope Beltran can break this bitch open.

Update 8:28

Fucking Beltran, whiffs with the bases loaded.  That’s his MO everytime the bases are loaded.  He needs to be moved into the 3-hole, because he is not a good clean-up hitter.  Oh well, Mets have the lead hopefully Santana holds it, and the Mets add on in the 6th.

Update 8:46

What a surprise, after the Mets give him a lead, Santana can’t hold onto the lead.  He was looking positively sick for the first five innings, and now he doesn’t look good at all.  If he ends up losing this game I wonder who he is going to throw under the bus to blame for his loss.  With half the season in the bag, Santana has not lived up to his billing.

Update 9:15

Another inning another wasted opportunity.  I think I am more surprised when they get clutch hits than when they don’t.  One thing that pisses me off lately, is that the Mets take way too many pitches.  They get in fastball counts of 2-0 or 2-1, and instead of being aggressive they take pitches as if they are content with getting a walk, and letting the next guy try for the clutch hit.  The problem is that outside of Reyes and Wright no one is really that aggressive, and it seems like their mentality, as a whole, is just, let’s get a walk.  Fuck moneyball.

Update 9:40

Victorino with a walk-off single Mets lose.  Words can’t explain how disappointed I am in Santana.  You know, I know that they don’t score enough runs for him, but you have to think that once in a fucking blue moon Santana could win a 2-0 game.  Is that too much to ask of your supposed ace who is making $137 million.  He just hasn’t showed up yet this season, and I hope he pulls his head out, and starts pitching like an ace.  This is just a terrible way to start the series, Santana continues to disappoint, let’s hope Maine does better tomorrow.  Terrible, Terrible, Terrible.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on July 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Here we go again”

  1. Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    The baseball greats you should write about next!

  2. Well I think that Google just picks things up depending on how much traffic your site gets. Thanks for the kind words though, I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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