Pet Peeves, II

Congratulations Sports Writers! you have officially made my list.  The other day–actually the 4th of July to be specific–I was sitting around reading the latest news on ESPN, and other sports sites.  I started reading this article, and the writer got all dramatic, and started talking about how all these athletes were warriors, engaging in combat of the field of battle.  That always bugs me, and especially of the 4th.  I don’t put much stock into holidays, but there are still some that I consider sacred.  However, that’s not my biggest gripe, no, no, no.  My biggest problem is that we have been engaged in a war for the last six years.  A real honest to fucking goodness war, with real people fighting each other, and real people dieing.

Personally, I consider it a smack in the face to compare an athlete, with someone who is actually in, you know, combat.  One person gets paid handsomely, if not extravagently, to do something enjoyable for a living.  Their slightest whims are catered to, they stay in the best hotels, eat the best food, get to see their family, and, oh yeh, they don’t have to worry about someone trying to fucking kill them.  Now the other person gets paid very little, doesn’t get to see their family, none of their whims get catered to, they go without more than than go with, and they genuinely have to fear for their life.  To me there is no comparison.  I am getting sick and tired of seeing these constant comparisons to sports, and war.  I would like to toss a couple of these fucking shit head sports writers into a combat zone, and then ask them, does it remind you of football now? does it?  Ahh if only I were all-powerful.  Anyways next time you read an article that tries to tell  you that athletes are warriors, take a moment to think about the real warriors.  Oh yeh since we are on the subjetct of sports writers, fuck you! Jay Mariotti, I fucking hate you.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on July 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pet Peeves, II”

  1. who cares what they write ….they are morons spewing crap so fools listen and buy overpriced garbage ..let them stew in their own ignorance

  2. Indeed DTM, very much so. Ignorance is the new prescription pill they are push. It’s all around leaking it’s way into every little crevasse until this whole fucking thing cracks! Keep getting the word out there though -it’s a long shot but- I think that most people are starting to see what is really going on. Iraq is the new cancer, if you’re around long enough you’ll know someone you care about who has been seriously effected by it, if not killed by it. The sad truth is that it’s taken that for most people to see what is really happening over there.

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