Crazy Dreams

Last night I dreamt that I rejoined the Marine Corps and went back to Iraq for another tour.  During my time there I ended up losing my right foot and arm in an RPG attack.  Immediately after I lost my limbs I woke up, and I stayed awake for a long time thinking about how in the fuck I would play video games, jack off, throw a baseball, and many other daily tasks without the aide of my right arm.  It’s weird I wasn’t too concerned about losing my right foot.  I think I’d be fairly normal with a prosthetic foot, but losing my right arm really bugged me.  It took me a bit to finally sort it all out in my head and go back to sleep, but now I wonder what the hell, if any, the dream meant.  Most likely nothing, but I have been entertaining thoughts lately about going back to the Raq one more time.  Maybe it’s a warning then.  I did roll the dice once, and came back unscathed, maybe this is fate telling me not to push my luck.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on August 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Crazy Dreams”

  1. That is a shitty dream…

  2. getting back into shape for war wouldn’t be as fun as playing the latest 360 games, and there are many to look forward to.

  3. i agree with philippe!

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