Ok so I’m drunk, but I just randomly hooked up with this chica that told me I have an accent of a “super white boy.”  Well that is the first time someone has ever told me that before.  She acted like being a New Yorker was akin to being God’s gift to the Earth, and that I wasn’t a true New Yorker.  Funny that even though I wasn’t a “real New Yorker” she enjoyed the fruit of my looms haha.  Whatever I really don’t care I just find the hypocrisy he-fucking-larious.  She can pretend what she wants, but in truth she knows that she wanted the kilbasa, and if I was a bit sluttier I could’ve bent her over a stool and fucked the shit out of her–literally.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on September 6, 2008.

7 Responses to “Hmmmmm”

  1. “super white boy” … nah just an american-nerd through n through

  2. ummmmmmm and why didnt you bend her over come on hahahaha

  3. you slut!!! hahahaha!

  4. why is it that most people from new york need to let you know they are from there within 5 minutes of meeting them?

  5. @ aaron, haha I don’t know why that is, but it gets old after awhile.

  6. you should go around and say i’m not from NY within the first 2 minutes

  7. @liskid, well according to that chic my checkerboard vans do that right away, because “no one who is from NY would wear those.”

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