Gabbo, Gabbo, Gabbo!

Are you ready for Gabbo??

Are you ready for Gabbo??

The countdown begins, and on Nov. 17th Gabbo will be revealed.  Gabbo is real, and he/she/it is coming on Nov 17th.  Is it a plant or an animal?  Is it a he or she?  Is it a thing or an idea?  How will Gabbo affect your life?  Well you will just have to wait, and discuss amongst yourselves who or what Gabbo is.  58 days left until Gabbo.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on September 17, 2008.

13 Responses to “Gabbo, Gabbo, Gabbo!”

  1. HAHAHA…i’m assuming you came up with this after we spoke last night. lol

  2. Haha, yessir I did.

  3. I bet it is some lame web2.0 social networking site.

  4. Oh no, you couldn’t be more wrong.

  5. Something you made up then.

  6. I assure you it is very real, and I didn’t conjure it out of thin air.

  7. is there a website for this, mysterio

  8. No, there isn’t, but if there was one I wouldn’t be giving it out. Just be content to know that Gabbo is coming and that he/she/it is real.


  10. Wow I’m impressed. Unfortunately that Gabbo is not my Gabbo. That guy is just a douche.

  11. now im wondering what it is too damn youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hahaha, wow! LisKid is obsessed with this thing.

  13. ahaha i’m just having a jolly time with dan’s shenanigans!

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