Save Bristol??

Comedian Doug Stanhope has a new project, namely saving Bristol Palin from a dreary life in a loveless marriage.  He has established a fund for her so that she can emancipate herself from her parents, and do what she wants with her life.  Money quote:

Rather than sit back and impotently bemoan Bristol’s tragic, lonely circumstance, it is time for us – the silent majority – to unite behind this poor, imprisoned woman and save her from both a tyrannical household as well as the horrible nightmare of a forced childbirth.

These are not empty words. I, Doug Stanhope, am offering you, Bristol Palin, the sum of 25,000 dollars so that you can abort your child and move out of that draconian home. I have also set up a PayPal link so that others around the world can help increase this amount to ease the burden of starting out on your own at such an early age.

Check out the rest of the site here.  In the event that Bristol doesn’t take him up on his generous offer, he will be giving the money to some other under-privileged teenager.  While you are there peruse the guestbook.  Abortion rights make people crazy, and it’s fun to read the back and forths.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on September 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Save Bristol??”

  1. meh, the money should go to a better cause, not some knocked up U.S. teenager, we have things in place for them.

  2. Oh c’mon you’ve got to admit it would be great if she took him up on that offer, and decided to have an abortion.

  3. If I were to take Mr. Stanhope up on this deal, it would have to be a partial birth abortion. That would really make my mom mad.

  4. That’s a great idea Bristol, I think you should do that and video tape it. Then you can send the tape, and the babies bronzed heart to your mother for Mother’s Day.

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