Goodbye Shea – Live Blogging, II

Last post was getting a little long in the tooth.

Update 4:07

Wuertz gets out of the inning so it’s all tied up in Milwaukee 1-1, and in Queens 2-2.

Update 4:11

Nothing for the Mets in that inning.  Church after one good game looks like he is lost in the sauce…again.  It’d be nice to see Murphy take over for him in right, but then you lose Church’s defense which might be more valuable now that the game is getting late.

Update 4:14

WithWagner gone the majority of my ire falls on Showeneweis  and once again he proves me right by giving up a homer.  Why didn’t Manuel swap him out when Garcia pinch hit with a righty.  Fuck I hate you Showeneweis.  The fans rightfully boo him.  I can’t wait until that joker leaves the team.

Update 4:20

Well this shit doesn’t look good.  Ayala just gave up a bomb to Uggla.  4-2 fish.  Fuuuuuuck.  Brewers are up 3-1 so the Mets need to comeback.

Update 4:31

Things are looking grim, but Reyes just hit a ground rule double to right center.  Beltran is up with two outs in the bottom of the 8th.

Update 4:33

Beltran worked out a walk off of Gregg.  Delgado coming up, and Garcia is calling in Arthur Rhodes–who is Delgado’s nemesis.  If Delgado wants the MVP, a homer right now would help his cause.  Sabathia matches Santana’s effort yesterday throwing a CG.  Mets need to win to force the playoff.

Update 4:37

Delgado flies out to left, inning over.  Fuck this is not looking good.

Update 4:46

Feliciano is in after Ayala gave up a hit, but got Maybin out.  Pedro strikes out Baker for the second out.  Now rookie Bobby Parnell is coming in to face Cantu.

Update 4:55

Shea is eerily silent.  Parnell gets Cantu to fly out to center.  Here is is 3 outs left to play to save the season.  After a tumultuous year where there was plenty of elation and disappointment the Mets can either lay down and die or fight back and show some spine, and win this game.

Update 5:00

David Wright pops out.  Yay way to get a hit.  Seen way too much of David not getting important hits in the last month. 2 outs left.

Update 5:01

Endy hits it back to the pitcher.  Looks like there are no signs of life for the Mets.  Terrible.  1 out left

Update 5:04

Easley has a 3-2 count.  Possibly last pitch ever.  Easley works out a walk and the struggling Ryan Church steps to the plate.  One swing could tie it up.

Update 5:05

Ryan Church hits a ball to the warning track, but much like the Mets season it falls short.  So after a year of hope and promise the Mets kick their fan base in the nut sack again.  Thanks for the sore nuts fellas.  This reinforces the question of why Minaya was given an extension.  It just looks like they had no gameplan today, and if they did they didn’t follow it very well.  There is no reason why Scott Olsen should have been able to pitch the game he did.  On another note it seems to be bad luck for the Mets whenever Endy makes a great catch.

Aside from Wright, Reyes, Beltran, and Santana this team needs to be blown up.  Thats it for Shea, and the Mets.  There is supposed to be a ceremony now, but I’m too jaded and upset to watch it.  With that being said Go Cubs! and in the AL Go Rays!  It’d be cool to see a Rays Cubs World Series.

Update 5:21

Jerry Manuel is giving his final press conference, and it kind of looks like he doesn’t think he is coming back next year.  He started off by saying thanks to the fans, and reporters.  Now he is just talking about the teams uneven play of the last couple weeks.

I wonder how the season would have turned out if the Mets would have done the right thing and fired Willie at the end of last season?  Uggg, I just can’t believe this.  Jerry looks like he has been beaten like Rodney King.

Update 5:32

Well the closing ceremonies are about to begin, and this is where I will bid you all adieu.  I can’t take any more of this.  It’s going to be a long, dark, dreary off season.

Update 5:45

It strikes me that being a Mets fan is like being a battered wife.  I’d bet we would fit right in with them in a support group.


~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on September 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Goodbye Shea – Live Blogging, II”

  1. Just wanted to correct you sir. On “Update 4:33” Sabathia did not match Santana. Cedeno had an RBI single in the second or third driving in Aramis Ramirez.

  2. Oh yeh you’re right. Thanks fixed it. Can’t believe you read it all.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention it to you. But while I was at Miller Park I started chanting “LET’S GO METS!!!” over and over. Some Brewers fans got peeved, but I was high-five’d by a Cubs fan.

  4. That’s pretty dope, too bad they ended up choking on a fat schlong.

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