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Over the last two days I have been engaged in an epic struggle for life and limb.  In the course of two days my kids have been take by Child Protective Services–because I murdered my wife, how lame–my other two wives have divorced me, and taken my kids, and I have finally and fully capitulated to the dark impulses that have haunted me.   I know that I have ostracized friends and family, but I don’t care because I am now a person with one singular purpose, evil.  I want to spread pain and terror to as many people as I can.  I care not for the living or the dead, the young or old, guilty or innocent.  I am a killing machine that’s murders unflinchingly and in my wake I leave death and despair.  I am the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.

I am,

Watch Out Sukka!

Watch Out Sukka!

of course, talking about what has happened to me in the last two days since Fable II came out.  I really have been engaged in an epic struggle.  I am struggling to regain control over my life.  I thoroughly and completely fell into the world of Albion to the detriment of my real life here in New York.  Eating, sleeping, and showering were all simply unnecessary in my Hero’s struggle.  So today after prying myself out of bed after two marathon sessions, and after cleansing myself–still haven’t eaten though–I figured I would write up a quick review.

I’m not sure how far I am into the game, but I figure I have to be at about the half way point, although I could be wrong.  My impression’s thus far have be amazement.  The game is just incredible.  First off the graphics looks great, and the world of Albion really breathes.  Everything about the graphics is bigger, better, and more immersive than in the original.  It obviously doesn’t look as good as Gears of War, but for an RPG this big, they are impressive.

Now one of my favorite things about the game in the inclusion of a dog.  First off it’s just much more fun to go questing in the wilderness of Albion when you have a buddy with you.  The dog doesn’t care if you just sacked a town, and murdered 40 people.  The dog has his own range of emotions, and like real dogs if you scold him he will get sad and a bit meek, or vice versa if you praise him.  The dog also has a wide range of tricks that you can teach him, and right now my favorite is having him pee on someone I don’t like.  The dog, however, loves your character no matter what, and no matter how evil you become, he just wants to play a little fetch, travel the land, and then maybe help you kill some more people.  Which brings me to my next point combat.

The combat is very simple in this game X-button for melee attacks, Y-button for ranged attacks, and B-button for magic.  Despite the simplicity there are some very complex subtleties.  Using taps or holds the player can link various types of attacks together for some powerful combos.  Switching between ranged, melee, and magic is also quick and seamless (it’s not quite seamless, but I think most of the problems I have are with my actual controller that has been tossed a couple times to many, rather than actual design of the game).  Switching for a magic attack to a pistol has never been as easy or as much fun.  Blasting bandits with a  pistol whilst they are on fire from one of your spells is a joy to behold.  While the combat is fairly easy and intuitive it does take a bit of practice to get all of the more complex elements right.  Bottom line though is that combat in Albion is loads of fun–especially mowing down a whole town of innocent civilians like a desperado straight out of a spaghetti western.

Ok so the visuals are great, the dog is awesome, and the combat kicks ass.  So does anything suck about the game?  Yes indeed there are a few shortcomings.  First off some parts of the game seem to run slow on my machine.  One of the newer aspects of the game is the ability to buy real estate.  I love this feature, because now I get to buy houses and rent them out at exorbitant prices, so that the poor folk of Albion can feel my real life pain of paying high rent.  But it seems like everytime I go to click on the icon to check out the stats of the house, my machine slows down and skips a bit.  Now maybe this is a consequence of my marathon sesh, but I tend to think they may have some small bugs to clean up.  This also happens when I go to buy items from vendors, and when I start one of the job mini games (blacksmith, bartender etc).  This is not too terrible, but just kind of annoying.

Secondly, co-op needs to be fixed.  I know they rushed the patch to get it available on release date, but I would rather wait a little longer for something better.  The worst part is that whoever is visiting can’t use their character.  Instead they are forced to use one of a number of already created cookie-cutter charactes.  This is immesely lame, and has to be fixed.  The other part is there is some lag issues that I have run into.  Maybe I’m just spoiled because Halo plays great, and Bungie spoils us gamers with great servers, but they need to work on this problem and get it fixed.  Hopefully soon, but I’d rather a complete fix a little later than a partial one now.  Last night TheLiskid and I massacred Oakdale leaving no survivors.  It was fun, and the co-op play has tons of potential.  It is something that I would like to use more.

So the long and short of it is this game is well worth your money, even in these tough times, because god knows we need diversions now more than ever.  The game is not perfect–what game is really–but it’s close, and with the ability to fix it I believe it will get even better after the next update.  Buy it and then lose yourself for a weekend or two or twelve in Albion.  You won’t be sorry.  Also a word to the people over at Lionhead Studios, two words fellas, expansion pack.  And now I will leave you with some more scenes from Albion.


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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on October 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “Adventures & Stuff”

  1. I love this game; good review. I haven’t experienced the slow downs you mentioned. The new Xbox live exprience can help, allowing the game to download to your HD, verified with the CD in, and thus lowering load times.

    This weekend I’ll be in Albion for sure.

  2. I thought maybe it was just me, but they complain about it in the review. Maybe you are just getting lucky. Good point about the new XBL, this is definitely a game that needs to be loaded onto the HD.

  3. doper then dope. I’ve only had one good sesh on it thus far. I need to retreat to Albion more. Can’t believe that epic sesh you had, haha 🙂

  4. i really have to pick this game up so i can go and mess up things in your world

  5. @ fabes Not a whole lot to mess up in my world, pretty much did that already. You can sure try and fix it though.

  6. ok then ill just go fix things in your world ill build a hospital and give people food and stuff

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