I want to relate a story to you all that really pissed me off the other day.  I was in class getting ready to be bored out of my mind, and I was talking to some of the other students.  We were talking about how we had to turn in our paper on Nov. 11th.  It struck me that Nov. 11th is Veterans Day, and I thought aloud,

“You mean we get Columbus Day off, but we have to come in on Veterans Day?”

Everyone nodded that my assertion was right, and I kept talking about how messed up it was that we get a day off for a guy who paved the way for the genocide of countless Native Americans, but we don’t get the day off in remembrance of the many Veterans who have died in defense of our Country.

Now about half way through this rant, my teacher walked in listened a bit, then said,

“So what’s the big deal that you have to come in that day?”

I re-explained my argument, and said that on Veterans Day I usually like to drink.  She informed me I could still get drunk after class.

“Of course that’s true,” I said “but usually I like to get up fairly early, and start drinking some whiskey whilst listening to Johnny Cash.”

Ok so she rolls her eyes and makes some backhanded comment about me and alcohol, and like the reformed person I am, I let the shit roll off my back.  Before class finished, however, she dropped a couple more demeaning comments, basically saying that I’m an out-of-control alcoholic.  I left class irked, and went home and killed some people (video game people that is).  I figured that would be that, but a couple days ago in class she made, unprovoked, a few more comments about me and drinking; as a bonus she also took a shot at my paper topic (video games), and made a crack about my writing style.

(What I don’t get is: how does me having a tradition of drinking on one particular day make me an alcoholic? if it did does that give someone the right to talk smack?  I’m just trying to figure out where the logic is in her assault on me.  I don’t get it, but back to the story.)

By that time my blood pressure was boiling, and I channeled my inner Bruce Banner and quelled the hulk that lies within.  I guess this is all part of me trying to be less confrontational, and all that shit, but goddamn I would really like to rail into this biotch.  The other problem is that she is the vindictive sort, and I know she would use her ‘power’ as a teacher to knock my grade down.  Right now I’m sporting a 3.97 GPA, and I would like to keep it there, and not have it knocked down on a technicality.  Now I’m not going to take this laying down, I’ve already rounded up a few troops, and most likely after the semester a few of us will make a complaint to the department.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I’m not the only one she talks down to.  I think this chic has major confidence issues or something.

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~ by Perpetual Memory Loss on October 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “WTF??!??”

  1. thats the worst kind of teacher i hate when people, but mostly teachers look down on other people!

  2. can you email the paper? Tell her “whatever, no matter what you do Gabbo is coming.”

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