Watch Yourself, Son.

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a few man-crushes.  One of my man-crushes is for Clint Eastwood.  I love all the old spaghetti westerns, the non-spaghetti westerns, and pretty much everything else he’s done.  Some of my all time fave’s are The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Hang ‘Em High, Unforgiven, and Dirty Harry–although if any his westerns are on I’ll watch them.  He has also directed some great, touching movies.  Last years Flags of Our Father’s and Letters From Iwo Jima were amazing, and some of his best, imo, work.  Now I’ll probably get around to seeing the Changeling even though I don’t like Jolie, but this December is the movie that I’m excited for.  It’s called Gran Torino, and it looks fucking wicked.  Check out the trailer below or if you really want to get the full experience check it out on Quicktime HD.

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Adventures & Stuff

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Over the last two days I have been engaged in an epic struggle for life and limb.  In the course of two days my kids have been take by Child Protective Services–because I murdered my wife, how lame–my other two wives have divorced me, and taken my kids, and I have finally and fully capitulated to the dark impulses that have haunted me.   I know that I have ostracized friends and family, but I don’t care because I am now a person with one singular purpose, evil.  I want to spread pain and terror to as many people as I can.  I care not for the living or the dead, the young or old, guilty or innocent.  I am a killing machine that’s murders unflinchingly and in my wake I leave death and despair.  I am the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.

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What If??

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What if John McCain’s campaign ads, instead of being lame and toxic, were instead made by John Woo, Kevin Smith, and Wes Anderson.  Well wonder no more.

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Did You Forget??

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Don't forget about me?

Did you forget about me, Gabbo?  I hope you didn’t, because I am still coming, and guess what? I’m only 31 days away.  Woooooooo! I can’t wait to reveal myself.  Of course you still don’t know who, or perhaps what, I am, but in a few short weeks you will know, and your life will be better for it.  Even though the economy is on its last legs and your savings and 401k have both disappeared, don’t worry.  You can now spend the next month until November 17th ruminating about what I am, instead of worrying about your money, and eventually slitting your wrists.  Seriously don’t slit your wrists–unless you really, really want to, and in that case send Gabbo a shout out–instead just think about how cool it will be when you finally know what I am.  See!! Don’t you feel better already.

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I swear this isn't me.

Today I made my way over to neverbesocial’s blog and read his entry about the lackluster end to the Cub’s season–I know it’s and old one but I was sans computer for awhile so I’m still catching up–and I was wondering how come I am still interested in the playoffs this season.  This despite the fact that the Mets lost to the Marlins again on the last day of the season, once again killing their playoff hopes.  It was so much more than that though, they once again had a lead in September, and once again with 17 games left they floundered…badly.  But yet here I am interested in the season after a mere day or two of grumbling.  I still care about the playoffs, and still check on the team news daily–when I have a computer that is.

This has led me to the conclusion that after the disappointment of 2006–swing the fucking bat Carlos–and the crushing collapse of 2007, the Mets have officially broken my spirit, and although I remain a staunch fan, I have the short term memory and the delusions of a battered wife (hence the BWS or battered wife syndrome).  Sure it’s not like the Mets have ever been really good for an extended period of time, but these last 3 years–especially 2006 though–were supposed to be years where they dominated.  I mean the Braves are a shell of their former selves and yet the Mets still get smacked around by them.

This brings me to yet another conclusion and that is that it hurts way more when your team sucks when they are supposed to be good.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the Mets aren’t very good, and probably won’t be again for a few more years.  (At least I kicked ass in my fantasy league.  My team showed the heart and fight that the Mets are clearly missing, and I get to look forward to defending my title–again–next year.)

The Cubs, however, will probably be good again next year, and they might just make it over the hump and win it all.  If they do it will all be gravy, but if the same thing happens to them again next year then it will make three years in a row that the Cubs have underperformed.  If that happens then I think I will be able to embrace neverbesocial as a fellow member of the BWS club.  The Cubs are known as the lovable losers and that’s fine when they suck, but when they are supposed to win, well, that’s when the losses really, really hurt.  That’s basically what the last three years have felt like for me, and now begins the slow laborious process of rehab with my power animal–slide!

When the tears start flowing, that's when I make my move.

Just how I like them, sad & weepy.

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I am currently doing research for a paper that will talk about the history and impact of id Software, and more specifically DOOM, on culture.  In working on finding academic sources I stumbled upon the site how they got game, which is maintained by Stanford University.  There is a lot of cool stuff there, and it is encouraging to see a major University look into the larger impact that games have had, and not just treat it as something trivial that only greasy nerds participate in.  If you have time check out the site; it’s well worth you’re time.

They have a whole section devoted to machinima, which is where I found this video.  A student made a short video about the Holocaust using Halo 3.  It’s a good video, and worth a few minutes of your time.

Intrigue @ St. John’s

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Why do these dudes always look so anemic?

Can you spare some change?

This morning when I woke up I opened up (figuratively) the morning paper to see what the hell is going on in this crazy world of ours.  When lo and behold I see that there was some craziness that went down at St. John’s University here in NY.  If you don’t know St. John’s is a Catholic University, and yesterday one of the Chaplains was arrested for sending smut to what he thought was a 13 year old boy.  (Side note it would have been much cooler for him to get caught on the show To Catch A Predator.)  Money quote:

When NYPD investigators showed up at the cleric’s on-campus apartment in Murray Hall yesterday, Plock argued that he sent his X-rated videos only to consenting adults, a law enforcement source said.

“His face is clear in the video. It looks like he filmed it in his bathroom at St. John’s, and he sent it to someone he thought was a teenager,” the source said.

Damn this stuff doesn’t really surprise me much any more, and instead of making some kind of cheap joke about priests and little boys (way too easy to do, and I like my jokes to be a bit more challenging).  Instead I will take this opportunity to throw down a bit of history.

In case you don’t know celibacy among priests was a personal choice, and was not a mandated by the church.  The push for a mandate for celibacy among the clergy began in AD 304 at the Council of Elvira, however, it wasn’t until the Lateran Council in 1139 that The Church really endorsed and enforced the rule.  It is impossible to know whether there were problems among the clergy after this with homosexuality and pedophilia, but some saw a link between celibacy and these behaviors:

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